How to Get out of a Bad Mood in 60 Seconds

You have hope.

If you are a human being, you probably have emotional mood swings.

At times, you feel awesome. At other times, you want the world to just be quiet.

I feel ya.

So, for all of us wanting to break out of our bad moods when that dreadful time comes, just do this:

Do jumping jacks for 60 seconds. (Or push-ups. Or jogging. Or, whatever that gets your body moving — that gets you exercising.)

That’s it.

It’s so easy, it hurts.

Why Exercise Makes You Feel Better:

When you’re in a bad mood, you typically have super-low energy and you become very  intense - according to CSU Long Beach Researcher Robert Thayer: “People think of self-esteem as a fixed trait, but in fact it varies all the time. When you’re feeling energetic, your good feelings about yourself are much stronger.”

Thayer’s study surveyed 300 Southern Californians about how what best got them out of a bad mood. Exercise came in first, followed by music.

“Hey, but if I’m low in energy when I’m tired, how can I exercise?”

Relax. It’s just a minute. Time yourself.

Jump around. Shake your but a little. Play in traffic.

Do anything.

You can do it.

The moral:

To get rid of a bad mood in 60 seconds, move your body!

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