How to eat slower - Hint: Pretend you're a basketball player

This weekend I was watching some college basketball. March Madness is here!

As I was watching some of the games, I realized we can all learn from basketball players and how they get ready for foul shots.

When basketball players get fouled, they take foul shots. Every basketball player whether they are pro, collegiate, high school, middle school or even elementary level (if they are any good) has a foul shot routine.

Here are some examples:

Every time a player is at the foul line they do their routine before each shot.

So, what if before we ate, we did a little pre eating routine. Say, for example, a deep breath.

In basketball, usually it's a deep breath and a combination of a certain number of dribbles and/or spins. Some players touch their face, others point, and some even blow a kiss.

The point is to slow down. To regain some composure and to forget about the last play - to just focus on the task at hand: Making the foul shot (s).

In our case, it should be to focus only on the meal or snack in front of us - not how good or bad the last meal was - and to eat as mindfully as possible.

What if your routine was always making sure you had a glass of water to the right of the plate, a fork and knife and a napkin. Some players also say something to themselves whether it's a mantra or an affirmation. What if you said a little something to yourself?

The point is to slow down. If you create a routine like this, it'll help a lot. That's also why I suggest you only eat while sitting down.

You should be consistent with your routine too. A consistent routine will lead to a consistent performance, which in our case, hopefully leads to slower and more mindful eating.

Next time you eat, pretend you're at the foul line. What's your routine going to be?


P.S. I realize some of you may already have a pre eating routine in which you say thanks or give blessings for your food. Even better! Could you do it for every meal?

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