How to make big changes happen without feeling overwhelmed

Someone asked me if change was really possible.

Let's face it: If it were easy to change everyone would do it.

It's the accountability and pushing and the coaching and the guidance and the inspiration and the daily expectations combined with our proven program and system that helps the change occur. (But that means absolutely nothing to you right now!)

How about this...

Change is not only possible, it's inevitable.

Our bodies are changing whether we want them to or not. We're either growing or decaying.

Of course what she really meant was, "Is change really possible for ME?" She's scared of not being able to put forth the effort change requires.

Instead of letting the thought of the word 'change' or 'effort' terrify us, why not focus on micro changes?

For example:

How about exercising for an extra 2 minutes? How about exercising for a total of 2 minutes? (Something is always better than nothing!)

How about waiting 5 minutes before you give in to eating indulgent food instead of eating it right away? (It's all about the pause. We all have a few moments before we act.)

How about cooking one extra meal per week?

How about waking up 10 minutes earlier?

How about going to bed 10 minutes earlier?

How about making your lunch?

How about exercising first thing or immediately after work?

How about drinking a glass of water with each meal?

How about going for a 2 minute walk next time you have a relentless craving?

How about starting your meal off with a salad?

How about you skip the glass of wine with dinner just for tonight?

How about for one meal per day you make it last at least 20 minutes?

How about right after dinner you wash up and brush your teeth? (Bonus: How about submitting your report right after washing up and brushing your teeth?)

How about you take the stairs instead of the elevator?

How about your brush your teeth, chew gum or use mouth wash next time you have a craving?

All of these are simple things that can and will lead to our success.

And best of all, change begets change. Small changes eventually turn into enormous changes.

The only way to get to where we want to be is to change.

We can't just go from the person we are now to the person we want to be without changing anything.

But that thought can be overwhelming.

Instead, think micro.


Here's the interesting thing about results:

If we only focus on results we won't change all that much. If we focus on change we'll get results.

Every small change makes a difference in how we feel and look.


What micro changes can you make today? Tomorrow? This coming weekend?


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