How to resist the temptation sitting in front of you... Conquer cravings the "Marie Kondo" way.

If sugar-free evenings are torture...

If you feel like you have ZERO control over your cravings...

Then this email is for you.

I'll share a simple technique to change how you see the foods causing you so much grief.

Because when you see your cravings with a new perspective, it's EASY to resist -- even when your temptation is sitting right in front of you!

(And the best part is... it won't feel like you're resisting -- at all!)

But before we get there... I have a question for you.

What's one food you wish you had 100% control over?

The craving you give into whenever it starts calling your name?


Do you have your answer?


Is it a slice of cake?

The chocolates stashed in the pantry?

Now tell me...

-- What makes the pull of cake and chocolate so powerful?

-- What gives them so much control?

When I ask this question to new clients in our online 1:1 coaching program, the answers go something like this...

"Because it's delicious, and I love it!"

"That's easy... I enjoy it."

"Because if I fight it, I'll feel deprived, and that makes me want it even MORE!"

Sound familiar?

Listen... I get it.

Cake and chocolate are delicious. And there's a lot to enjoy.

But what if I said you don't *really* give in to cravings because you enjoy them?

-- Adam, I'm not with you on this one. I enjoy every second... every bite.

Well, let me ask:

If you genuinely enjoyed the food you're craving...

...then why do you fight so hard to give them up?

Could it be it doesn't give you true pleasure?

You know the food tempting you is pulling you down. You know it's dragging you away from what you want.

And... it makes you feel trapped.

You say you enjoy every bite.

But I ask, "Do you?"

See.. until you change how you feel about the food controlling your thoughts, and see them for what they really are...'ll ALWAYS feel deprived. you're missing out on something special. you're denying yourself happiness.

And that's why you're always using willpower to stop yourself from giving in.

But when you see you're NOT depriving yourself and you're NOT missing out, you can sit at a table packed with cake or chocolate and not even feel the slightest urge to dive in.

But to do that, you have to unlock a new mindset...

You have to look past the illusion of pleasure and see the foods tempting you for what they really are.

And I'll show you how to do it, but first...

We need to switch gears.

Have you watched Marie Kondo's Netflix show Tidying Up?

If you haven't, put it on your watch list. It's fantastic.

Here's what the show's about...

Marie is a Japanese organizing master.

And she can walk into a house that looks like a tornado of 1st graders swept through...

...and transform it into an organized, zen-like sanctuary.

But here's what's fascinating...

I'm sure Marie has been in a thousand homes.

And I'm sure every person she helps knows exactly what to do to declutter and get organized.

But even though everyone knows what to do... they don't.

And what makes Marie's process so genius is...

She understands the problem isn't knowing "what" to do.

Marie understands the secret is in the psychology...

And REAL change comes when you help someone shift how they think and feel about all the clutter they're clinging on to.

And she changes their perspective using a simple question...

"Does this spark joy?"

Here's how it works...

In the show, Marie will be helping someone organize their home, and inevitably they run into a tough choice...

Do I keep this or give it away?

And the person she's helping is genuinely struggling with the decision.

So Marie asks them to pick up the item, hold it in their hands, take a breath, and ask...

"Does this spark joy?"

If the answer is "Yes," the choice is easy... keep it.

But if it doesn't spark a feeling of true joy, then why should they hold onto it?

Because if it doesn't give you pleasure, then it's taking it away.

Marie will help them go through this process again and again until...

The ONLY items left are the ones that make them happy.

Now, imagine how amazing it'd feel to walk in your home knowing every item you see brings you joy?

Okay... hold onto that thought.

And let's get back to the foods driving your cravings.

The next time your craving hits, I want you to ask...

"If I eat this, will it bring me joy?"

And if your first reaction is to say...

"Yes! I love it."

Hold on a second...

Take a breath, think about how you'll feel in a few minutes... a few hours, and ask the question again.

"Will this REALLY bring me joy?"

If it will, then the choice is easy. Why not have a slice of cake.

But if your answer is "No," then what are you giving up?


When you see what you're giving up doesn't bring you true pleasure... then you start seeing your cravings in a whole new light.

And it's at that point...

...You no longer feel deprived.

...And you no longer feel like a slave to your cravings.

Instead, you FINALLY experience what it's like to be free.

Now imagine how amazing you'll feel knowing your entire day is filled with the foods you genuinely enjoy.

If it were, then sticking to your diet would be easy.

You'd never feel deprived, or the pain of wanting but not having.

So the next time your craving hits, and you're looking for the pleasure you get from [insert the food you're craving], ask...

"If I eat this, will it bring me joy?"

When you tear down the reasons behind your cravings...

...and see the reasons you give in aren't what you thought they were...

....Then cravings lose their power.

What will you do when your craving hits? The choice is yours.

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