Weekends ruining your diet? How to stop overeating and end the Mon-Thur diet.

You can stop weekend overeating (and stop ruining your diet). But not by winging it. You need a different approach. Win Saturday and Sunday when you follow this 5-step plan.

If the weekends ruin your progress, you need a strategy that'll give you the "edge" over Saturday and Sunday.

Because crossing your fingers and hoping for the best…

Well, it just won't work.

Without a plan, you'll have two days of boredom, anxiety, and overwhelm waiting for you.

And the worst part:

You'll dread Monday morning because you know what the scale will say.

So if the weekends are holding you back, don't worry because we're about to change all that.

In fact, we're going to prep for the weekend -- NOW!

You want to go into Saturday with a running start and have the momentum that'll carry you through.

Don't wait until Friday to get started.

Because Friday -- or more specifically -- Friday evening...

...sets the tone for the entire weekend.

Overeat or over-indulge, and you risk triggering the "what-the-hell effect."

Here's what I'm talking about:

If you've ever had a Friday night that felt like a total bust…

I'm sure you felt guilty.

Like you let yourself down.

Like you lost control.

And that's when most people say…

"What the hell… this weekend is shot. I might as well eat whatever I want and start over Monday."

But you can bypass all the guilt, shame, and disappointment with a little planning.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

So first things first.

Don't worry about Saturday and Sunday.

Focus on Friday. Plan what you'll have for dinner. Plan an indulgence if you want one.

The trick is making a decision today -- when you're thinking rationally. Because in the moment, all bets are off.

So, here are my questions for you...

  • What will you have for dinner Friday night?

  • Will you plan an indulgence? If so, what will it be?

  • Will you commit to writing out your plan?

There are two types of people:

Those that hope for the best and those with a strategy...

Which will you choose?

When you plan for Friday you give yourself an edge, you're miles ahead…

...and you set a new pattern for the weekend.

But before we get into Saturday and Sunday, there's something you need to know.

And that's where most people fail.

Introducing the biggest weekend slip-ups

If coaching thousands of clients has taught me anything, it's this:

If you fall into these 3 traps...

Saturday and Sunday won't be easy...

...and you'll need massive amounts of willpower to get through.

But willpower is fickle, and you can't depend on it.

But if you set your weekend up for success -- you won't need it!

And that's why I'm going to share the biggest weekend mistakes, and give you tips on how to avoid the traps.

WEEKEND MISTAKE #1: Your shelves are empty.

What's the weekend's most overlooked obstacle?

Not stocking the fridge.

By Saturday, most people have emptied their refrigerator...

...and "grocery day" is still two days away.

You're starving, the shelves are bare, and there's not a healthy meal or snack around.

...But your kid's leftover fries are on the plate.

...And there are cookies in the pantry.

(You know where this is going.)

So why not stock up BEFORE the weekend?

*If you don't control your environment, it WILL control you.*

And making a healthy choice is 1,000x easier when you don't have to get dressed and drive to the grocery store.

You can try to slay the dragon, or you can avoid it...

I prefer the latter.

WEEKEND MISTAKE #2: You sacrifice the weekend... because of one meal.

Let's say it's Saturday, and you're meeting friends for dinner.

Chances are, you know how it'll go...

They'll keep pushing nachos, margaritas, and molten lava cake until you finally give in.

And truth be told, there's a part of you looking forward to it.

-- But is it wrong to feel that way?

-- Should you feel guilty about a Saturday night indulgence?

I say, No.

Because why not have dinner with friends? And why not have a planned indulgence?

It's part of being balanced. And it's what will make your diet sustainable.

One meal is never the problem.

The problem comes when you know today won't be perfect and say "Why bother?" to the entire day (or weekend).

Don't sacrifice your weekend because of one meal.

Instead, make the most of the 90%, so you have the flexibility to enjoy the 10%.

WEEKEND MISTAKE #3: You don't make time for fun.

Here's the secret behind my most successful clients

They make time for fun.

They don't wait for it. They don't hope for it. They make time for it!

And there's a powerful reason why...

*The more fun you have, the less you depend on food to fill that gap.*

You see, so many people see food as their only source of fun and entertainment.

And without it, they're left feeling empty and deprived.

So they cling to food and sabotage their success because they're afraid of what they're giving up.

And it seems reasonable to say...

Don't stress about what you're losing, focus on what you're gaining. But people don't work that way. Studies show we feel the pain of losing twice as much as the pleasure of gaining.

The answer isn't to deprive yourself or only focus on the positive -- it's to actually do the things that are fun and entertaining.

When you do, you'll discover you're not losing anything.

And the best part: that's when you'll feel food's grip begin to loosen.

So here are my questions to you:

  • Will you make time for fun?

  • Will you plan to do something you enjoy?

"It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes." - Warren Buffett

Going into the next weekend, you know the 3 biggest traps waiting for you...

Will you plan to avoid them?


Mistakes are inevitable. And it's not a question of IF you'll make a mistake...

...it's a matter of WHEN.

What's important is how you respond.

You can see a mistake as a reason to start over Monday...

Or you can learn from them, make a U-turn, and get right back in the game.


The 5-step plan to stop ruining your diet and lose weight, even on the weekend

Yes, you can lose weight on the weekend, but not by winging it.

You need a different approach.

Here's a step-by-step plan that'll set you up for success...

...and turn your weekends from something that happens to you into something that works for you.

STEP #1: Start at the finish line.

The best plans don't start on Saturday...

...they start with Sunday night.

It's like planning a vacation. (Remember those?)

You don't search for hotel rooms and plane tickets until you decide where you want to go.

And the same is true for weekends.

Start with a goal. Something to aim for.

So let's fast forward to Sunday night and ask...

How will you know if your weekend was a success?


  • I made time for fun.

  • I planned an indulgence and enjoyed it guilt-free.

  • I wrote a plan, followed it the best I could, and learned what to adjust next time.

Notice that none of the examples are tied to the scale. Numbers go up, and they go down -- especially on weekends.

To me, success is following a process and coming out the other side better than before.

When you focus on results, you'll never see true change. But focus on change, and results are guaranteed.

STEP #2: Work backward.

A funny thing happens when you begin with the end in mind...

You start playing the weekend in reverse, and the path to get there lights up.

Once you know where you want to go and how you want to feel on Sunday night, planning is easy.

Now, you might be tempted to list 1,001 things you "could" do...

But don't.

That'll only add to your already long list of to-dos.

Instead, choose three to five tasks to complete each day -- and that's all.

The trick is picking the actions that, when you finish them, allow you to feel good knowing you did them.

What are the three to five boxes you'll need to check each day that will leave you feeling like you made progress?


STEP #3: Give your plan a reality check.

You have a goal, and you have a plan. But is it doable?

Let's see:

On a scale from 0 to 10: Where a "0" means there's no chance this plan will work, and a "10" means you're 100% confident you'll make it happen...

Where would you rank the plan?

If your plan falls anywhere below an 8, change it.

There's nothing wrong with stretching yourself to do more, but the goal is having a plan you can achieve -- and to know you won the weekend.

STEP #4: Predict the future (yeah, you can do it).

What if you're playing chess and could see every move your opponent will make -- before they make it?

You'd have an unfair advantage.

Well, guess what?

This weekend you're facing an opponent. And they are good.

They know all your weak points, and they know just what buttons to push and the right time to push them.

You see, there's only one thing standing between you winning the weekend -- resistance.

re·sist·ance: the sneaky, self-sabotaging force telling you it's not worth it, convincing you to stop, and pulling you back.

Resistance will try to convince you...

-- The weekends are my time.

-- Planning. Pfft! I like to be spontaneous.

-- But this is my only chance to relax.

-- I'll do it next weekend.

-- I can't plan when I don't know what I'll be doing.

-- Hey, it's Friday (or Saturday or Sunday). You only live once!

Resistance will do everything in its power to stop you...

*But you have the upper hand.*

You know what resistance will do. You know all its tricks.

And that means you have the advantage.

So when resistance makes its move and tries to convince you it's not worth doing...

How will you respond?

STEP 5: Make the commitment.

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans." - Peter Drucker

You have a plan.

You know where the traps are.

And you know how you'll deal with resistance.

But unless you make a commitment, you're only hoping for the best.

A commitment is a decision.

Will you decide that this weekend you'll be "better than before"? That you're okay making mistakes because they teach you what to change?

Your weekend is a blank slate filled with nothing but potential.

What will you do with it?

What to do next?

If you’re working hard to beat weekend overeating…

If you know what to do, but just can't seem to do it…

You can finally stick to a diet -- even on the weekends -- with daily, personal accountability and 1:1 coaching.

Let us show you how easy the weekends can actually be when you have a coach guiding you through, making sure you're prepared, and helping you stick to the plan.

I’ve been a weight loss and accountability coach since 2007, worked with thousands of clients, and I know MyBodyTutor’s system of accountability and coaching will change EVERYTHING for you.

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