How to increase the odds of getting things done

Ahhhh! June 1st. That means we have a blank slate loaded with nothing but potential.

For the most part, we're all very good at keeping our promises to other people but when it comes to ourselves...forget about it. (This is one reason why daily and personal accountability is so important to reaching your goals.)

We all have great hopes for the day, week and month. We start each day with promises that we intend on following through with.

Yet, statistically many of us aren't going to.

So what can we do to increase our chances of following through with our tasks?

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in their book, The Power of Full Engagement, describe a study in which a group of women agreed to do a breast self-exam for a period of 30 days.

100% (yes, 100%) who said when AND where they were going to do it completed the 30 day exam. Only 53% of the others did.

In another study, drug addicts in withdrawal agreed to write an essay before 5PM on a certain day.

80% of those who said when and where they'd write the essay completed it! In this case, none of the others did.

That's pretty amazing.

If we want to get something done, decide when AND where we're going to do it. Otherwise, we're just hoping and wishing it gets done.

Tip: On your Daily Report tell us what time you intend on exercising and where (be as specific as possible). In fact, for ANY task that makes the outcome list, try writing when and where you'll do it.

Let's go. (Right now, wherever you are.)


P.S. Why does this matter?  If we have lots of things to get done, and we're not doing them, it wears on us. It drains us of energy because part of our precious and limited attention is being used to think about all that needs to get done. It's draining. Think about the last time you finally accomplished that task you kept putting off. It's like a huge weight off our shoulders, which leads to a big energy burst.

P.P.S. This is why it drives me crazy when "experts" only focus on the food you're eating, as if we live in a bubble. Everything impacts everything. When you're healthy and fit, it's easier to be happy. And when you're happy, it's easier to be healthy and fit.

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