How to stop thinking about food

I wanted to share a valuable lesson that can help you stop thinking about food.

It can help you get over cravings. It can also help you stop thinking about something you don’t want to think about…like food.

It’s one of the countless strategies we teach our clients and they love it.

Let’s get to it.

The game we’re about to play only has one rule:

Don’t think about white polar bears. You can think about anything but white polar bears.


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

I’ll wait.





Ahhhh. (Seriously, when was the last time you stopped what you were doing and took a deep breath? It’s a nice feeling.)

Now banish any thoughts of animals from your head…

You just lost the game.

It’s okay. Everyone loses…at first.

That’s what happens.

Try to avoid thinking about a white polar bear and the bear will come to mind every minute.

In fact, whenever we try not to think about something — be it junk food or white polar bears — it will come to mind. It’s stuck in our loop of self-consciousness.

Our mind backfires. Our attempts at repressing the thought turn into a fixation.

Being aware of the fact that our mind does this is the first step.


So, let’s say you have a craving…

MOST people would try not to think about the craving. But the more they try not to think about it, the more they wind up thinking about it. Until they eventually just give in because they can’t take the internal chatter anymore.

Instead, we want to distract ourselves. And ideally, immerse ourselves in something else.

Then, we’re not even thinking about not thinking about the craving! (Ha. So meta!)

We’re just engaged in something else. Bingo.

This works so well for anything we’re trying to not think about.

It’s way more effective to distract ourselves with something else — rather than trying not to think of something.

Whether it’s calling or texting a friend, reading a good article or book, doing work or something you’re passionate about, watching a funny TV show or clip on YouTube, listening to some music, playing with your kids…whatever.

We want to get lost in something else.


The key is deciding what you’ll distract and immerse yourself in before the cravings come on.


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