That 1 Thing

Do you have that 1 thing? Yes, no, maybe, so?

Let me explain:

For those workaholics in the group, do you feel odd when you don't have to go to work? Even more so, when you wake up and don't shower first thing and get ready?

Or, maybe you're addicted to exercise? When you don't exercise you don't feel as energized as you usually do. You just sorta go through the motions all day.

Or, maybe you need more sleep? I find that when I wake up late, my whole day is off. (But that ultimately comes back to my bed time.)

I think many of us have a select few activities that our day revolves around and if they don't get done, we fall apart. Not like Humpty Dumpty but mentally we just drag.

So here's a question:

Do you notice yourself not on point 100% when you don't do a certain thing or two?

And another one:

What if you structured your entire day around those 1 or 2 things?


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