How to Stop Worrying

Here's my idea of what the purpose of the mind is:

1. I don't think our mind was designed to make us worry. I think it was designed to make us fear. There's a very huge difference between running for your life because a Lion is chasing you (that's real and warranted fear) and worrying about finishing work on time or worrying about how your kids did on their spelling exam.

2. What is worrying anyway? Worrying is a killer. If I can be frank, it's a motherf@#$@$!!!! It leads to stress and anxiety, which truly wreaks havoc on our health and well being. Worrying and anxiety is about repeatedly re-experiencing the worst case scenario in advance. What are you worrying about anyway? It didn't happen yet!

3. I don't think our mind was designed to think about the same things over and over. At least not thoughts that make us suffer. Or thoughts that impede us from...

4. Thinking of new things! That's the purpose of the mind, in my very humble opinion. For example, say, I think of a topic for a Daily Inspiration. The old me would've acknowledged it and then forgotten about it.

Then, I'd try to remember it and struggle. And then it would come back to me at a weird time. Now, when I think of something productive, I write it down. Boom. Done. Out of my head. Onto the next thing...

5. When I keep thinking about things that hinder my ability to be the best I can be - it's time to inquire within. Why? What can I do about it? Here's the key: If I don't deal with it, It'll keep haunting me.

6. For example, say, I want to mail a thank you card. But I don't do anything about it. I don't add it to my to-do list, I don't buy a card, nothing. It's just renting space in my head and bothering me. Not good!

So, now, I just write it down. Boom. It's done. It's actionable. I don't need to worry about it anymore. When thoughts like this are floating around in my head it's very draining.

7. "You worry about thank you cards?" you wonder. I do. I'm weird. What can I say?

But what about 'real things' to worry about. Ask yourself, "What are you afraid of?" Then follow with, "What's the worst thing that can happen?" These 2 questions alone can you help you tremendously!

8. The purpose of the '3 outcomes Section' on the Daily Feedback is so you don't have to worry about tasks like mailing out a thank you card. Use it. It works like a charm.

Just pick 3 things that are floating around in your head and write them down so you get them out of your head already. And if they're not actionable - just plain old things you worry about - go back to number 7 but try not to forget numero uno.


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