4 Small Words that Can Change your Entire Perspective

I hope you're rocking so far today!

Unfortunately, there are many things we 'have to' do and not as many things we 'get to' do.

For example, if you want to 'get to' feel amazing throughout the day you 'have to' eat healthfully.

If you want to 'get to' feel energized you 'have to' exercise.

Do I love exercising? Do I love eating healthfully?

It's okay. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes, I love it. But I don't necessarily love it all the time. I mean I'd be lying if I said I don't love me a hamburger and fries with some ice cream to top it off.

But what I absolutely love is how I feel when I'm done exercising and how I feel all day long when I'm eating healthfully.

A client asked me if I love running. Again, I don't mind it. Sometimes it does feel great. Sometimes I'm dragging. But I do love how I feel afterward, always!

I truly feel incredible!

So therefore, if I want to 'get to' feel incredible, I 'have to' run. If I want to 'get to' feel vibrant and healthy, I have to eat natural, whole and nutritious foods.

If I want 'get to' feel energized and alive, I 'have to' exercise.

Every action has a consequence.

When you break down all of the things you 'get to' do you realize all things you 'have to' do, too.

Whether you have a dream job or not, we all have things we look forward to doing. We all have things we have to do to be able to get to do the things we look forward to.

Do you love packing for vacation? I hate it. But if I want to 'get to' go on vacation I 'have to' pack.

Do I love doing all the admin stuff for MBT? Not really. But if I want to 'get to' help people I have to.

When you start to look at all of the things you 'have to' do so you 'get to' do certain things - it makes the 'have to's' a lot more appealing!

What do you want to 'get to' do or feel for the remainder of the week?

What do you 'have to' do now in order for that to happen?


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