The disease that makes us overeat and overweight

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Please note this is a two-part post.


The disease that makes us overeat and overweight.

This disease doesn’t kill us rapidly. It doesn’t kill us slowly, either. However, it can create a lingering feeling that lasts our entire life, if we’re not careful.

I call it the disease of unfilled potential.

Or you could simply say being disappointed with how your life is turning out whether it’s in your career, love life, social life, etc.

Thankfully, it’s reversible.

Potential is a very powerful word. Feeling like we’re not realizing our full potential can weigh us down greatly.

The disease of unfilled potential (here in referred to as D.O.U.P.) doesn’t feel like a sharp physical pain. It’s a lingering feeling that comes and goes. It's like a dull tooth ache. You might feel it a few times a day, or you might feel it a few times a week or month.

We know it when we feel it.

What do we do when we feel it?

Before I tell you, let’s keep this in mind about humans: When we’re uncomfortable we seek relief. It's human nature.

So, back to the question…when we feel this nagging and uncomfortable feeling pop up, we usually seek to relieve it by eating highly palatable food (aka food high in sugar, salt and fat).

Our mind then goes from feeling these strong emotions that would otherwise upset us to being consumed with the short-term pleasure of flavor.

Remember: pleasure, by nature, is extremely fleeting.

This is how we start to feel like we have no control over our food intake aka food addiction.

Most people who overeat are using food as a drug because of the short term relief it provides them with from sometimes very strong and uncomfortable emotions such as anxiety, loneliness, depression, and, of course, D.O.U.P.

We go into what I call a food trance – where we think about nothing but the food we’re eating - or sometimes we don’t think about anything at all,  and that can be a nice break from the constant stream of thoughts we have (so we think).

Here’s what we want to remember: We go from feeling these uncomfortable emotions to feeling pleasure…and then very quickly, those pleasurable feelings turn into feelings of guilt and disgust towards ourselves.

In short: we're choosing to feel disdain over discomfort.

Here’s where it gets tricky…

As we know, the key to losing weight and getting the body we want is eating right and exercising consistently. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

On the flip side, the key to gaining weight is overeating consistently.

When we consistently use food to cope with our emotions, the result is extra pounds.

THEN, these extra pounds create more discomfort and nagging feelings because of the larger person we see in the mirror.

"I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle.”

So freakin’ true.


Before I share how to get rid of these nagging feelings and ultimately get rid of D.O.U.P for good, I want to be clear: This is not a weakness. It’s simply a habit. Instead of bashing yourself (like we usually do), try being a little more compassionate with yourself than usual.

Right now, we’re simply using food to get relief from these uncomfortable feelings. We will change that.



If the Disease Of Unfilled Potential (D.O.U.P) resonates with you – or you’re feeling empty, message me, and tell me what area it comes from.

Is it in your career? Is it in your love life? Is it in your social life? Talk to me. I'm here to help.

In my next post, I’m going to share with you how to get rid of these feelings so be on the look out for it.

Stay tuned,


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