The Power of M.P.H (Mindset, Psychology and Habits)

Think back to the last diet you did.

Day one was easier than day 30, right? (If you made it that far)

On day one, you're filled with enthusiasm and motivation to start something new. You're ready to make a change!

However, that quickly fades.



No, I'm not yelling.

I'm just very passionate about this because I keep hearing things like:

"I need to buckle down!" "I need to try harder!" "I need more willpower!"

I repeat: You don’t need more motivation. You don’t need more willpower.

In fact, relying on motivation and willpower is a terrible strategy.


Most of us follow a plan by willing ourselves to "be good" for as long as possible...until we can’t take it anymore. We lose steam, and revert back to our old ways.

This is not a sustainable strategy, and it’s why most diets get more difficult to follow as time goes on.

Case in point (see this image below from a client questionnaire):



Like motivation, willpower is not sustainable.

Think about how crowded gyms are the first few weeks of January. They’re a nightmare! Those same gyms start to clear out by late January. Everyone was motivated at the beginning of January.

This is why relying on motivation isn’t a good strategy. It fades.

This is also why so many people gain the weight back. They never learn the right mindset along with the habits and behaviors necessary to keep it off.

Instead, they repeatedly “buckle down” and “try hard” using willpower until they can’t take it anymore, going from one diet to the next.


If you want sustainable weight loss, it's critical that you learn what I call M.P.H. (Mindset, Psychology, and Habits)

This is why I love the email below from a client:


That's the idea! Because if it were only about "knowing what to do" you would've done it already. Relying on willpower never lasts. That's why most diets get more difficult to stick with as time goes on.

It's critical that you develop the right mindset along with healthy habits and behaviors. This is why our clients find that it gets easier to stick to the plan as time goes on.


They're not relying on motivation and willpower anymore. It's just who they are.

It's why they're able to lose the weight and keep it off effortlessly.

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