The Story of Tuna Fish and The Difference

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The weather here was gorgeous. And when the weather is gorgeous in NYC ice cream seems to be everywhere!

Let me introduce you to a very scientific term I like to call: "The Difference".

One of my favorite lunch foods is tuna. I grew up on it. It happens to be very healthy too. (Of course, like anything, moderation is key. Gotta watch out for the Mercury.)

On the weekends, I like to make myself some tuna salad. I add mayo and celery and sometimes carrots. It's delicious.

However, a long time ago, I remember hearing about light mayo so I started using it. "Oh tuna and light mayo, this is unbeatable now!"

Or so, I thought.

After a little while, I realized that I was no longer eating tuna fish. It was because I couldn't stomach the taste of light mayo.

It took me a while to realize this but finally I chucked the light mayo and in came the regular mayo. Once again, I was as happy as ever with my tuna. :)

I realized "The Difference" right then and there. Some foods aren't negotiable. Mayo is one of them for me.

But if you ask me to choose between a beef burger or turkey burger 90% of the time, I'm just as happy with the turkey burger.

If you ask me to choose between a whole wheat bun and regular bun, I'm just as happy with the whole wheat bun.

If you ask me to choose between frozen yogurt and ice cream, I'm just as happy with the frozen yogurt.

There's many examples where the healthier version is just as good. Sometimes it's even better! Many times, "The Difference" isn't all that different. It's worth it to choose the healthier version.

But for some foods "The Difference" isn't worth it. No matter what, I need the real deal version.

What foods can you compromise on the full fledged version for a lighter version because "The Difference" isn't that significant?


Egg whites instead of whole eggs?

Turkey bacon instead of regular bacon?

Baked chips instead of regular chips?

Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate?

Turkey hot dogs instead of regular hot dogs

Baked chicken instead of fried chicken?

Skim milk instead of whole milk?

Think about that this week.

Seek the difference when possible!


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