What is Your Inspiration?

So yesterday was a really exciting day. I'll try to explain this as succinctly as possible:

My mom was a high school English teacher. One of her former students is Terence Winter. He credits my mom for inspiring him to pursue his passion of screen writing.

Terence wound up becoming an executive producer and writer for the Sopranos.

Terry has since blown up. (In a good way!)

Yesterday, we were at the set of his own show that will be airing on HBO in September, entitled, Boardwalk Empire. He is the creator. This is HIS show and Martin Scorsese directed the pilot episode. It's nuts!

It's been unbelievable to watch and hear about his career progressing ever since that call to my mother when I was in 5th grade.

You can read about that call, if you're interested, here: http://www.gurugilbert.com/2007/06/27/my-mom-and-the-best-article-anyone-could-ever-hope-for%E2%80%A6/

Anyway, my mom's inspiration was to make an impact on her students. That's why she got up every morning. She says she can die happy now because of Terry. I believe it. I'm extremely grateful to Terry for making my mom so happy.

The reason why I get up in the morning is to make a positive impact on you. That's what drives me.

I've been living what I'm teaching since I was in 4th grade. I know that there are no secrets. The only secret is to do the right things over and over again.

As I've grown older, I've realized first hand how hard that is. That's why I'm truly excited to read your Daily Feedbacks because I know how important every day is.

In fact, let's think of each meal as a brick. Whether it's a meal on a Saturday or a workout on a Wednesday evening. Brick after brick we're laying a solid foundation. Building a stronger and stronger base. As we lay each brick, it gets easier and easier. We build momentum.

Until one day, we get off our ladder and step back and say, "Wow, this is really paying off." Or maybe we're still on the ladder and someone says, "Nice building!!! I see all of the work you've been doing!!!"

However, going one day without laying any bricks whether it's with your diet or exercise is wasting time. It's one day of zero progress. One day of not feeling as good as you can.

Which leads to the someday disease. What are you waiting for? Don't you want to enjoy the benefits of your house or building now?

There is a sense of urgency!

Don't you want to feel and look as good as you can sooner rather than later?

Sure, missing a workout from time to time is fine. But every workout matters just as much as the last one. And if I keep missing workouts, I won't make any progress.

When you give it your all every day, not only do you feel awesome for having done so, but you are making progress.

And at the end of the day, I've never felt better from taking a day off of laying bricks than I have from a hard days work of laying them. Ever.

One brick at a time.

Why do you want to lay the bricks in the first place? I told you my inspiration for why I do what I do.

What's your inspiration for 'laying bricks' every day? What's your reason for wanting to eat healthfully and exercise?

When you know the why, the strength to lay those bricks appears.


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