The vacation effect

Today, I want to share my made up term with you and what it means.

The 'Vacation effect' is when we're excited about an upcoming vacation or holiday and think, "I'm going to indulge in a few days so why bother now?"

Since we're not going to be completely in control of our food choices later on, we let it impact our food choices now -- days before we're away or the holiday.

Here's what most people do:

They let the 5-10% of meals they're not in control of impact the 90-95% of meals they are in control of. This is what the vacation effect is all about.

"Well I'm going away tomorrow or the holiday is on Thursday so I'll start "fresh" next Monday, and I'll eat whatever I want all week."

Here's what we want to do:

Let's flip it. We want to make the most of the 90-95% of meals we are in control of (I know, easier said than done), so that when we're not, it's not as big of a deal.  This way, we have more flexibility.

Let's not let an upcoming weekend, vacation or holiday impact us before the actual weekend, vacation or holiday.

We're still very much in control, if we choose to be.

Besides, the, "If I can't be perfect all week so why bother now?" is all or nothing thinking.

All or nothing thinking leads to nothing every single time.

What does "perfect" even mean? Chasing perfection is like chasing the wind. It's highly futile.

We're much better off focusing on all the meals/snacks we're able to eat well at, so that when we can't (or when it's worthwhile) we can indulge, guilt free.

In other words, let's focus on the lower hanging fruit first. The routine meals/snacks before we worry about trying to eat well at the Thanksgiving table or while we're on vacation.

This is not only sustainable, but it makes our indulgences tastier. Tastier because we earned them by eating well at all the routine meals/snacks leading up to it.



It's always easier said than done. And knowing what to do is very, very different than actually doing it.

Do you always say, "I'll start fresh once _________ is over?" There's never a perfect time to start. There's always something on the horizon.

New client: "I've been telling myself tomorrow is the day for the last 15 years." 15 YEARS!!!

If you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep on looking and feeling the way you always have. Join MBT, a proven program, and we'll help you change your mindset. We'll help you get over 'all or nothing' thinking. We'll help you change your relationship with food. We'll help you change your habits and behaviors. We'll teach you how to eat in a sustainable way, a way that allows you to eat all of your favorite foods, guilt free.

The 'vacation effect' is one of the countless ways we rationalize our indulgent eating. It's one of the countless ways we rationalize a lack of action. Having expert support/accountability is one of the many ways we'll help you counter rationalizations like this.

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