How to become more observant

As a basketball fan, I always look forward to April, May and June as it's NBA Playoff time. (As a Knicks fan, ugh, I... actually, I'll save that for another time.)

There's been some talk about how bad the refs have been in the playoffs.


Even if you don't like basketball (or sports) you can learn from this.

And before we get into it, if you're looking for a tactical post (e. g. eat these 10 "magical" foods) this one is not for you. A big part of what we focus on here at MBT is our mindset, psychology and habits (M.P.H). It's why we get the results we do.

If we don't have the right M.P.H, we'll never be able to stick with anything - no matter how "perfect" the diet is.

Anyway, let's get to it...

You ever hear of the game spotto?

It's a game that involves finding red cars (or whatever you decide) and shouting the appropriate term as you see them.

What you discover after just a few minutes is how many red cars there are.

We notice what we choose to notice.

When we play spotto with the NBA refs, it's easy to see all the bad calls they're making...

We're ONLY focusing on their bad calls!

NBA referees make bad calls all the time. But because people are talking about it and the stakes are high, it's easy to only notice the bad calls.


Consider playing a version of spotto involving ways we can move more (steps instead of elevators, taking a longer route, parking far from the store, etc.).

Consider playing a version of spotto involving all the delicious and nutritious foods that will make us feel good.

What we'll notice is there's a lot more of it out there than we thought.

We can take it one step further.

Why not...

Consider playing a version of spotto involving the people in our lives and noticing all of their positive and amazing qualities rather than just focusing on the negative.

Consider playing a version of spotto involving all that we do have and all that's great -- rather than focusing on what we don't have, and all that's wrong. Gratitude changes our attitude. I know. I know. But it does help.

Spotto! For today. For the rest of the week. For life! :)


P.S. I always love getting emails like this (see image below):


My favorite part:

"First of all just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying working with Cindy. She is wonderful. She is changing my life. She is really patient with me and is helping me through many tough moments. Most importantly, this is the first time I feel like I am changing things for life. So thank you for putting us together and for creating such a remarkable program."

P.P.S. The email above is a fun teaser for next week's post. Hint: "Helping me get through many tough moments." I have a few thoughts on this to say the least! :)

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