Why can some people eat whatever they want and not gain weight?

Ugh! We all know these people.

They can eat whatever they want and seemingly never gain an ounce.

What's up with that??

First off, it's important to note:

Some people eat healthfully in front of others and indulge when they're alone.

(Hello, closet eaters / emotional eaters.)

Some people eat healthfully when they're alone and indulge with others.

----> A fit person who is indulging doesn't always eat that way.

----> An out of shape person who is eating well doesn't always eat that way.

Why? Our body never, ever, lies.

I can't tell you how many people I've come across in the last 10 years who tell me how "perfectly" they eat yet are overweight.


Once they're a client, it becomes clear why they're overweight very quickly.

Check out this text message (see image below) from a client who has "tried everything under the sun" and nothing ever worked. This was after her first week:


Sure, it's awesome that she lost 5 pounds in her first week.

What's even more awesome is how easy it felt for her. I couldn't care less about the 5 pound weight loss if it's not simple and manageable (see image below) otherwise it's not sustainable.


But, Adam what about all the people who really can eat whatever they want and never gain weight?!

The truth is:

Sure, there's outliers. Those who consistently eat healthfully and can't lose weight no matter what they do, and those who can eat anything they want and never gain an ounce. In my experience, that's 2% of people.

Take Cathy, who is 64 years old, for example. She lost (and has easily kept off) 63 pounds. (Click to read her story.) She was convinced she couldn't lose weight because she was an 'outlier'.

For 98% of people - like Cathy - effort is directly related to success.

The challenge is that consistent effort is very hard to maintain because our short term, irrational mind is constantly trying to sabotage us.

It’s like what Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

That’s we provide daily and personal accountability, daily and weekly phone calls, relentless support, coaching, and motivation. It's why we’ve been able to help countless people throughout the US and world get the body they want.

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