How to eat your favorite meals all the time (sorta)

Who wants to eat their favorite meals all of the time without the consequences of eating your favorite meals all of the time?

Today, I want to share a tactic I call..."Pickles and Onions".

I've been doing this for years and it works (and tastes) like magic.

My favorite food is hamburgers. Give me a hamburger with some crunchy pickles and raw onion, and I'll be pretty, pretty, pretty happy. (At least, while I'm eating it.) (Though a burger itself is totally MBT approved.)

I don't need a fancy meal.

I love chicken Parmesan. Delizioso!

I also love fajitas. Nothing like pico de gallo and some fresh guacamole.

It doesn't stop there...

I've been known to occasionally enjoy a tuna fish sandwich with some potato chips.

You might also find me eating ice cream in front of the TV catching up on some shows.


1. I've realized that one my favorite things about eating a hamburger is the pickles and raw onion that usually comes with it. Mmmm.

Solution: I eat chicken with raw onion and pickles and it's almost as good. Sometimes, I'll just have pickles. Craving solved...90% of the time. Sure, sometimes I really want a burger, and I have one.

Solution #2: There's actually nothing wrong with having a burger. It's the bun and fries we (usually) eat with it that get in the way of our goals. So, I'll often have a burger sans bun + veggies and/or greens. It hits the spot 99% of the time.

2. You know what my favorite part of eating chicken cutlets is? The marinara sauce.

Solution: I make or get grilled chicken with marinara sauce. Voila! I get my fix.

One of my go to meals for dinner is grilled chicken and lots of broccoli with some whole wheat pasta all mixed together with marinara sauce. Yum.

Sure, I have the real thing every now and then. But it always feels better to eat healthfully, and that's what this is all about. Feeling as good we can!

3. Lately, I've been on a Mexican kick. Fajitas are so tasty.

But I realized a big part of it was the guacamole and pico de gallo.

Solution: Sometimes, I'll eat guacamole and pico de gallo plain. And it hits the spot. Or, I'll put it on something like fish or chicken. Or, I'll do lettuce + chicken + pico de gallo + guacamole. So good!

Or, instead of tortilla chips (tortilla chips + guacamole is one of my favorite snacks), I'll use carrots instead of the chips, and enjoy it with the guacamole. Still so good!

4. A big part of eating ice cream is the cold sensation. It's soothing.

Solution: Ever try frozen fruit? You can get bags of frozen strawberries or blueberries at the grocery store, and it's delicious. I'm telling you this works.

5. Sandwiches and chips go hand and hand just like reaching goals and accountability does.

Solution: A big part of the appeal of chips is the C-R-U-N-C-H. Instead, I cut up veggies like carrots, raw peppers, etc. It helps a lot. Chips also tend to be salty. Pickles help here as well. They're crunchy + salty.

Next time we're really craving a meal, let's try to figure out what it is we're really craving...

Maybe it's just part of the food -- i.e. pickles or guacamole?

Maybe we're just after a certain sensation -- i.e. frozen fruit?

Maybe we just want some C-R-U-N-C-H in our life -- i.e. veggies?

(Maybe we're not even hungry for the food. And we're hungry for something else?!)


What are you favorite meals?

What are your favorite PARTS of your favorite meals? Worth thinking about.


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