Is September your January? Read this.

I was thinking about resolutions last night and this video came to mind. It's upbeat music with people doing amazing things. It's hard not to feel motivated after watching it.

That's how so many people feel in early January...and September.

September is the other January for so many people because that's when the kids go back to school.

Wait a second...

You hear that?!?!

Listen carefully.

Know what it is?

It’s the sound of exhales throughout the world from moms and dads whose kids are going back to school.

Of course we love our kids more than anything! Of course they’re adorable! Of course we’ll miss them like crazy! (The thought of my oldest son starting his 3s program can make me cry.)

But, sometimes, the saying is true: time apart makes the heart grow fonder.

Anyway, we feel motivated to take on the new school year and finally accomplish our goals. "THIS year will be different!" we promise ourselves.


Most people stick to their resolutions for a few weeks. They're all fired up and raring to go.

It's the same reason why gyms are so crowded in early January. Unfortunately, most gyms are empty by late January because all that motivation vanished like a fart in the wind.

This is why relying on motivation isn't a good strategy. It's like relying on willpower. They're both fleeting and end up with us being frustrated, disappointed and unhappy with ourselves that we can't stick with it...yet again.

If the only thing changing is the date on the calendar then you can't expect to change for the long term.

I don't want the 2017-2018 school year to just come and go for you. Your health is too important.


1) Think about what you want to accomplish health/fitness wise this school year.

Better yet: Let me know. I read and reply to every email.

2) No matter what you do, set a date like Jeremy did.

Jeremy, a former Marine who got in the best shape of his life with MBT, did something very smart:

"I made a deal with myself. I gave myself 30 days to make a change on my own, and if I hadn’t made any progress at the end of that month, I’d join. A month came and went, but the scales didn’t budge. So that’s when I wrote Adam." (Click to read his amazing success story)

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. Again, no matter what you do...set a date! For example, if by September 30th, you're not in a groove, you'll do something different.

P.P.S. If losing weight and getting in shape is something you want to do this school year, you'll enjoy this post.

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