My theme for 2016. What's yours?

Now that we're back to life / back to reality (Warning: This is throwback to a classic song) I wanted to share my theme for the year.

Every year, I like to have a theme.

For example, two years ago my theme was, "The monster is never as scary as it seems." That applied to many things (still does) but for me -- the biggest monster was the birth of my son. I was worried how it was going to impact my first baby -- MyBodyTutor (turning 9 years old next month). Thankfully, it has worked out (the other monster turned 21 months old last week! :)

Anyway, this year's theme is: "Ideals"

I like to have a theme that can double as a mantra.

To me, ideals, is about being who you really want to be.

Your ideal self is a combination of all the qualities and attributes of other people that you most admire. Your ideal self is a description of the person you would very much like to be if you could embody the qualities that you most aspire to.

To me, ideals, is about answering the question, "Who do you really want to be?"

Living up to my ideals is about acting like the person I really want to be.

I'm a big fan of asking ourselves questions because it changes our perspective, and that's the idea. This is a very powerful question because it cuts right to our desire to be healthy and fit. It cuts right to our desire to choose what's best for us in the long run. (Of course, the fun twist - and there is always a fun twist - when we choose what's best for us in the long run, we feel better in the short run too because we know we're doing good for ourselves.)

Let's say you're thinking about skipping exercise. Or you're thinking about having that cookie that isn't all that special...

Ask yourself: "Who do you want to be?" It helps a lot.

It cuts through all of those rationalizations and justifications we come up with in the moment. It almost stings a bit - but that's the idea. It's a wake up call because it channels our desires.

Our desire to be healthy and fit never goes away. We just cover it up with rationalizations. Unfortunately, most people do the latter the moment their goals become challenging. (This is one of the reasons why daily support + accountability is so key.)

The moment they become challenging is when we have the biggest opportunity for success. The moment they become challenging is when we're faced with a decision: Doing what feels most comfortable or doing what feels most uncomfortable. (Again, this is why daily support + accountability is key. It makes the inevitable discomfort any change brings a lot more tolerable, not to mention the expert coaching you'll be getting on a daily basis.)

In other words, doing what we *think* we want to do vs doing what we're supposed to do. Too often we trade what we most want for ourselves for what we think we want for ourselves.

I've found that whenever I make the most uncomfortable choice in the moment, I feel the best afterward. When I make the most comfortable choice in the moment there's often guilt and regret afterward.


There's two ways to get what we want: Either get what we want...or change what we want. Since humans are about minimizing discomfort, we tend to *try* to change what we want because that's the "easier" thing to do. ("Eh, I don't really care about my fitness." "He/she should love me for me!" "I only live once. I rather enjoy now. YOLO!"

However, the 'easier' thing to do doesn't lead to satisfaction and happiness. It usually leads to short term pleasure, which is extremely fleeting. We wind up feeling deeply uncomfortable later on because we have all of these lingering desires. And that wears us down.

This is why when our actions and desires are in alignment, we feel incredible. We feel like we're acting like the person we want to be!

Of course this doesn't only apply to our health and fitness. This applies to every aspect of life.


The cheesy (but accurate) line: Your future is unlimited.

Improvements to your ideal self start with your imagination.

What is your ideal vision of the very best person you can become? How would you behave each day if you were already that person? Answering these questions and then living your life consistent with the answers is how you become 'who you want to be'.

We can't wait to help you do that in 2016 and beyond! :)

Question: Do you have a theme for this year? If so, message and let me know.

Here's to living up to our ideals,


P.S. Do you need help acting like that person you really want to be? Many people hesitate to ask for help under the mistaken impression that "self-reliance" in the form of isolation is a virtue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm a firm believer in the power of "do-it yourself," but that doesn't have to mean "do it ALL by yourself." Besides, if you could have done it all by yourself, you would have. As the saying goes: "Yesterday's weather is the best predictor of today's weather."

The most important thing to realize is that whatever anyone else has done or become, you can do or become as well. Here's the coolest part: We 100% guarantee it...or your money back. That's how much we believe in what we offer.

If someone offered you a guarantee on getting the body you've always wanted, wouldn't you take them on it? I made it risk-free for you because I know the impact reaching your health and fitness goals will have on every aspect of your life, and I sincerely want you to experience that.

What are you waiting for? Together, we'll make it happen. Click here to join. Don't let this be another year that comes and goes.

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