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Even If You've Tried Everything You Will FINALLY Get Fit, Feel Great, And See Results With Daily, Personal Accountability And 1:1 Coaching.



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MyBodyTutor solves the biggest problem in health and fitness — the lack of consistency. And we do that by simplifying the process of getting fit into practical, sustainable behaviors, and giving you the daily accountability and support it takes to stick to your plan.

  • No more waiting to “feel committed.”
  • No more hoping the next diet is going to last.
  • No more wasting time trying to find something that will finally work.

MyBodyTutor is a proven way to change your MindsetPsychology, and Habits around food and exercise, and it’s how we’ve helped thousands get fit.

Read what members of the MyBodyTutor family have to say.


My life has completely changed and I can hardly believe how much progress I have made, not only with my weight, but with my relationship with food.”



“If you are stuck, I cannot encourage you enough to sign up with MyBodyTutor. No other program will change your life like this…forever.”



“This is the only program where everything became easier as time went on because I was no longer relying on willpower. MyBodyTutor definitely changed my life.”


Tara's Success Story

“I reclaimed my sense of control over the choices I was making. Food no longer controlled me. And I could enjoy indulgences without feeling guilty.”


*Disclaimer: Individual results, including amount and time, will vary.

Adam Gilbert

Hi, I’m Adam Gilbert, Founder and Chief Body Tutor.

“Knowing *what* to do and doing it consistently are two very different things. What will make you successful with MyBodyTutor is the fact that we are supporting, coaching, guiding, and holding you accountable daily.

Most companies hand you a meal plan, wish you luck, and walk away. But we all know that doesn’t work. At MyBodyTutor, we’re with you each and every day — helping you beat any challenge you’ll run into.

Why MyBodyTutor will work For You

What makes us different than the billion other companies out there is why you’ll see results…


Starting a diet is easy, sticking to it all the way through — that’s the hard part. When you’re on a diet, it’s easy to lose motivation and stop feeling committed. And it’s too easy to quit with the promise of starting over later.

But with a coach by your side, every day, you’ll feel more committed and motivated to keep going. We *will* reach your goals, and we’ll do it together.

With daily accountability you are capable of achieving far more than you think you are.


Having a coach should never involve waiting for the “next available rep” or getting a text message from someone you suspect *might* be a robot.

With MyBodyTutor you’re not one of thousands. You’re part of the MyBodyTutor family, and we take that seriously.

The secret to our coaching is in building personal relationships. Because to us, coaching isn’t just a business. It’s our life. And we care about you reaching your goals as much as you do.


Can’t eat veggies? Don’t like yogurt? Hate eggs? A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit anyone. Everyone is unique. So why force yourself into a meal plan that wasn’t made for you?

MyBodyTutor starts by working with the foods you like and working around the foods you don’t.

We help you build a way of eating that lasts by meeting you where you’re at and designing a plan that’s 100% unique to you. Even if you’re a picky eater or too busy to cook, we *will* find the perfect fit.


The plan you follow isn’t always the plan you *want* to follow. So how great would it be if you didn’t have to pick between what’s good for you and what’s fun for you?

What if you could be fit and healthy in a fun and easy way — whatever your goals?

MyBodyTutor will help you build exercise plans just for you and your schedule. Exercise should match your life, not the other way around.

A Focus on Mindset, Psychology, And Habits

With willpower, it’s incredibly difficult to lose weight and keep it off. That’s why most people only manage to lose weight for a little while, only to gain it all back. Not fun!

Not only that, but no diet will last if your Mindset, Psychology, and Habits around food and exercise don’t change.

At MyBodyTutor, we guide you step-by-step, day-by-day to shift your Mindset, Psychology, and Habits (we call this your MPH). Because when your MPH changes, you’ll see that getting fit doesn’t require massive amounts of willpower to make it through.

Click play on the video below and learn how MyBodyTutor will work for you – even when nothing else has.

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How It Works


Once you join, I’ll send you a questionnaire. I want to know what your goals are, what you’ve tried before, what’s worked…what hasn’t. I want to hear all about you and the challenges you think we’ll run into. With your answers, I’ll take time to get to know you and your goals and pair you with a coach that’s a great fit for you.


You and your coach will set up a time to talk and build a game plan you feel totally comfortable with. Because trying to stick to a diet or exercise plan that doesn’t match the realities of your life or is too strict, just won’t work. Your coach will put together a plan tailored to meet you where you are, and set you up for success right from the start.

Step 3 - Work with your coach Every. Single. Day.

With MyBodyTutor’s easy-to-use mobile and web app, we’re working with you every day until you hit your goal. You’ll get personalized, expert coaching and accountability every day to help you make consistent progress toward your goals. Your coach will challenge you to stay on track and give you encouragement to stick with it, and you’ll soon find it’s the highly-personal coaching that makes all the difference.


Most programs only focus on what you’re eating, but we know getting fit ultimately comes down to what’s going on between our ears — which is why our focus is on changing your Mindset, Psychology, Habits. And with your MPH working for you, you can achieve your goals faster and make sticking to the plan easier (not harder) as time goes on.

Get Highly-personal, 1:1 coaching Today

Listen to why Janice says MyBodyTutor worked for her when nothing else did.

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We Can Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life. Period.​

After having two kids, Jill got serious about improving her health. She wanted to be a good role model and see them grow into adults.

The dream of every bride is to look amazing in her dress. Marisa achieved that dream but learned MyBodyTutor is much more than that.

Megan was so dedicated to taking care of her horses, but not herself. A tweet she saw changed her life.

Noah was able to apply the power of consistency to many aspects of his life. He realized he needed help applying it to his health.

Stephanie had been overweight since she was 8 years old and had “tried everything under the sun”. Sticking with a plan seemed impossible to her.

Virginia knew she “should” eat well and exercise but could never get herself to do it consistently.

What Jeremy (a former Marine) was doing on his own wasn’t working. He thought MBT was perfect but was hesitant to sign up.

Lynda was very skeptical because she didn’t think having a tutor would make much difference. It wound up changing her life.

Four weeks before vacation and Ginny was dreading it because of how she looked. She signed up thinking she’d cancel.

Philip wasn’t able to find anything sustainable. He was also worried that focusing on weight loss would hurt his business.

Desperate to get her body back after having kids, Sharmin was searching everything online. Having tried many things, she was skeptical.

After having two kids the weight came off fairly easily except for those last 10. Denise also struggled with food and body image issues.

We understand you have questions, and that’s okay, so many people do. We want to answer all of them and show you exactly how we can help. 

Questions about the program? 

Call, text, or email me.


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When you call or text, you won’t get an operator or a call center. This is my personal number. I carry it with me all the time. This is what I live for.

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