I messed up already...2019 is my year!

If you feel that way, this article is for you: The One Mantra to Adopt If Weight Loss Is Your Goal in 2018.


To those who are still committed to making 2018 your year, here are 8 tips for you:

1) If the only thing that's changed is the date, what you're telling yourself ("2018 is the year!") is delusional.

Otherwise, you're relying solely on willpower and that will vanish as quickly. (Hint: Think back to last year.)

2) Can you see yourself following the diet you started in five years from now?

Better yet, in a few months from now?

If the answer is no — then what you're doing isn’t sustainable. The plan has to be practical, sustainable and healthy. It has to be a way of eating...for life.

3) On Tuesday, January 2nd (the other January 1st), resolutioners kept saying, 'Back to Reality!'

This assumes that every day life can't be enjoyable when you're losing weight.

If you're not enjoying life as you're losing weight, you will never sustain the weight loss.

4) If the only thing that has changed is the food you're eating, you're not going to change for the long term.

Again, you're relying solely on willpower. It's critical that you change your mindset, psychology and habits around food/exercise. Ultimately, your relationship with food and exercise has to change.

This is a big reason why so many people go from one diet to the next, and can't stick with anything.

5) 80% of weight loss is diet.

It’s about what, why and how you eat.

This is why you see people working their butts off in the gym month after month — even with a trainer (!) – without looking any different. You can’t out exercise a poor diet. It’s what you do between exercise sessions that matters most.

6) Do you have a system of accountability in place?

Without it, it’s too easy to get away with thinking, “If no one sees it, it doesn’t count.” How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll start fresh tomorrow!"

Accountability bridges the gap between what we said we were going to do and what we actually do; it's what ties it all together. It creates follow-through, which is why investing in systems of accountability is so worthwhile.

7) Weight loss is a matter of psychology, not physiology.

If weight loss was simply a matter of calories, we'd all look amazing!

We all know the ‘eat less’ idea! Ughhhh.

Yet, 2/3 of the US population is overweight. Why can't we "just eat less"?

Enter psychology. It's about WHAT (the type of food matters a lot), WHY (stress, emotional, boredom) and HOW (consciously, mindfully, intuitively) we eat.

8) What are you doing differently?

We all know the definition of insanity yet we keep doing the same thing every year in hopes that we'll finally reach our goals.

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