My Favorite Success Stories

People often ask me what my favorite success story is. Such a hard question! It’s like asking me who my favorite child is?! Impossible!!

But, I will say this: My favorite stories are of those who were skeptical before they signed up.

For some people, it doesn’t matter how many social media, press and book mentions we have. It doesn’t matter how many testimonials and success stories we have to our credit either.

“How do I know if MBT will work for me?” they’ll say.

And I’ll say: “It’s impossible to know unless you actually try it. That’s why I’ve made it a no-brainer for you to give us a try.”

(By the way, I get the skepticism. You’ve become skeptical after trying so many things. And, perhaps what’s holding you back most, is you’ve lost trust in yourself.)

Without further ado here are my favorites:

Lynda: 50 pounds gone with MBT

Her skepticism before she signed up: “I kept reading though and it sounded interesting, but I was still very skeptical. When I read that MBT offered a money back guarantee, I decided to contact them. Adam responded immediately and we set up a telephone call. When I first talked with Adam, I told him that I was a “lump” who would prefer magic. I was so skeptical because I didn’t think having a tutor would make much difference. Boy, was I wrong! I decided to try MBT because Adam assured me that he would honor the money back guarantee if I was not satisfied. I thought he must be very confident of success!”

How she felt after going through the program: “At 65, I never thought I would be able to lose this much weight and without agony. I don’t remember the last time I felt so good. It’s been years. My life keeps getting better, daily. MBT is the best thing that’s happened to me since I put on weight. I have found this program to be absolutely remarkable. I think MBT is the closest thing to magic that there will ever be. (Maybe Adam should change his last name to Potter or Dumbledore!)

I have lost 50 pounds. My doctor is very happy and so am I. MBT not only met my expectations, but far surpassed them. It was the easiest way of losing weight and exercising that I have ever found. I can’t imagine anything easier. With the support you get from your tutor and Adam with his brilliant writing, it really is like magic. I was a serious skeptic before I joined MBT. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I am not being compensated in any way for this review. It was the best money I ever spent. I feel fantastic and I am no longer a slave to food.”

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Tammi: 50 pounds gone with MBT

Her skepticism before she signed up: “I was put on my first diet when I was six years old and I’ve been on and off one diet or another since that time (I turned 40 this year.) Countless times I would start one thing or another, but I always got derailed. Or, the plan was so restrictive I was counting down the seconds until I could get off it and eat again. I was looking into therapy because I knew I needed to re-wire my brain.

I know what food to eat. So I went online to research a therapist who might be able to help me, and I stumbled onto MBT. I read over the program, looked at the testimonials, and thought that this must be some sort of scam. But over the days I kept coming back to the website. And one day, after stepping on the scale and realizing that I was yet again gaining more weight, I thought well why not, this will only get worse, why not give it a try.

I can try MBT for 30 days and if it doesn’t work, or if it is a scam, I’ll just get my money back and nothing will have happened except a month will have gone by. At that point I’m not sure what hopes I had. I’d been so beaten down by weight, the gaining of it, the losing of it, and spent so much time thinking about food (I want to eat this but shouldn’t, I can’t believe I ate that, I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t stop eating so much, I don’t have the ability to stop eating so much, that voice in my head telling me to eat has all the power etc…) I was simply exhausted by that voice and thinking about food all the time. I think my hope was to just have it stop, but I really didn’t believe this program would do anything for me.”

How she felt after going through the program: “We reprogrammed my brain. And along the way I lost weight, a lot of weight!

I’ve lost 50 pounds (46 while on MBT and 4 pounds in the following 3 months since I’ve moved on to maintenance) and that is amazing. More importantly though, I don’t think about food all the time, in fact I rarely think about it. Stuff happens in my life; I get annoyed, angry, I’m tired, my brother-in-law recently passed away, I’ve been really sick the past few months, but through all of this, I haven’t turned to food. Ever. It is such a cool thing to realize, that the hold food had on me for most of my life is gone.

I have reached my goal! And I’ve done it in such a peaceful, organic way, that I’m not worried at all at gaining weight back, or even maintaining. I’m just going to continue to do the things I’m doing now.

The weight loss has become secondary to the general awesomeness of my day to day. I feel great. I bound up stairs. I push myself in the pool instead of drag myself around the lane. I’m running. I’m sleeping better. I have a better relationship with my husband and daughter. My business is running better, my clients are happier with me.

I’m not tired all the time, and when I am, I don’t binge. My digestive track is spot on. My headaches have dissipated. We’ve had chocolate chips in the house for months now and I don’t care. I just don’t eat them. They are for making cookies I don’t eat. I certainly don’t think about them all the time like I used to. I am wearing beautiful clothes instead of muumuu’s and yoga pants. I’m eating pretty much how I see myself eating for the rest of my days. And it doesn’t seem like a life sentence or a thing to endure, it just is great!

So there it is. No other diet, book, pill, sniffable or doctor has been able to help me in this way. For 34 years I’ve been beating myself up about weight, and now I don’t. At all. This is simply marvelous to me. Thank you MBT.”

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Joe: 30 pounds gone with MBT

His skepticism before he signed up: “I had tried a million diets and ideas and nothing ever worked. I had all of these crazy false preconceived notions about how to lose weight based on things I read. Stuff like, “don’t eat after 5PM” or “don’t eat carbs”. How is that even possible when you get home from work at 6:30PM and have a family?? I was desperate and very frustrated. I stumbled upon the idea that I might be an emotional eater from an article I read and I began to identify with this. Although what they offered was unique, I thought it was just another (fill in the blank) diet idea.

However, I decided I was desperate enough to call and find out more. I wanted to see what this was really about. Adam, the founder, called me right back. I was impressed but for some reason I pictured some guy in an apartment in NY telling me what I wanted to hear to get me to sign up.

It was probably my skepticism from the million other things I’ve tried, but after speaking with him I believed him. Adam told me he couldn’t guarantee it would take an exact period of time, but he told me if I committed to 4 months, I would see a huge change. That was $1000. I thought If it works, I would gladly pay. He also mentioned the money back guarantee so I thought if it was a scam, I would know in the first month, so no real risk, right?”

How he felt after going through the program: “I am now 162lbs…4 months later. My goal was to lose weight and get to a point where I felt and looked a lot better. I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to correct the dysfunctional beliefs I had around food permanently. I lost 30 pounds. I feel incredible. I am not starving all the time. I eat plenty. The coaching and accountability have helped me permanently learn what is good, what is bad, when to eat, how to recover and how to plan for indulgences.

Healthy foods taste better to me now. I don’t count calories or points. I eat normal foods and exercise regularly. I love exercising now too. I actually enjoy it because I see results, and feel good doing it.

I truly believe that I will be healthy and fit forever and I have never believed that before on another “diet”. This is not a diet. This is an assisted path to a lifestyle change that leaves you the person you want to be. I was as skeptical as a person can be and I am truly a believer of this program. MBT is the only program I’ve ever done where everything became easier as time went on because I was no longer relying on willpower. In the past, as time went on, it would get more challenging to stay the course and eventually I’d revert back to my old ways.

I feel very confident stating that aside from Adam asking me to write down my story, there is nothing in here coming from anyone other than me and it is all 100% true. I am so thankful I stumbled upon It has definitely changed my life.”

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Sharmin: 35 pounds gone with MBT

Her skepticism before she signed up: “There were so many success stories and real life “normal” people on the website. I was amazed at how different these people looked in their before and after pictures. This is when I started to jump to conclusions by thinking that the pictures were changed. I emailed Adam asking him all about the MBT program and once Adam answered all my questions, I began to believe in him. The way Adam believes in his work, the passion he has for it, especially his philosophy about sustainable lifestyle change compelled me to join. Even the money was not a significant factor anymore.”

How she felt after going through the program: “My lovely and amazing tutor stuck by me every day! Whenever I felt demotivated she would motivate me. Whenever I had a question about my diet or exercise she was right there answering all my queries. I have learnt so much from both Adam and my tutor. She was just a text/email away, even as a UK client! If it wasn’t for MBT, I’d still be looking and feeling horrible.

The money I paid for MBT and the service I was getting in return was way too good for the amount I was paying. How often will you get hold of an expert who is holding you accountable every day and giving you all the knowledge you need on a daily basis? I am in love with my new body and I absolutely LOVE MBT! I can honestly say that my lifestyle has completely changed.

If you want your ideal body then MBT is your company. It will change your life completely! If MBT worked for me then it will definitely work for you. If I can do it then you can do it too!”

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Stephanie: 155 pounds gone with MBT

Her skepticism before she signed up: “When my tutor and I had our introductory talk, I wasn’t sure I was really ready to try to lose the weight again. I told him I would try the program and do the best I could, but that I had grown cynical of diets in general and I could only promise I would be honest. Shockingly, that’s all my tutor wanted. He wanted me to report consistently and be as open and honest as possible, no matter how I ate. Even I could commit to that!”

How she felt after going through the program: “The combination of a healthy diet, accountability and emotional support that MBT provides makes it the healthiest, most effective and, by far, the most superior program I’ve ever been on!! I felt good, calm, more focused and I wasn’t craving sugar. I loved getting my feedback each day, and it was great to share with my tutor how I was doing.

This program is so great because you get a personalized program designed for you by an expert, the same expert gives you daily feedback on everything you do, you have a weekly check-in call about how the week was and set goals for the next week, and when you get stuck or feel discouraged, your tutor pushes and challenges you to keep going but in a motivating way – not a bashing way.

MBT has re-trained me how to think about food… it’s amazing that you get all that for $299/month. It’s not only the best program I’ve ever been on; it’s one of the least expensive!!!

I’m not burnt out, only excited for the future because I know I’ll be able to sustain this! I could have never done this without MBT! I’m forever grateful and will do everything I can to help MBT succeed because it’s truly a special company.”

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Laurie: 35 pounds gone with MBT

Her skepticism before she signed up: “I first heard about My Body Tutor while listening an audio book by Gretchen Rubin, Better than Before. That planted the seed. Over 20 + years, I’ve tried mainstream to kooky diets to try to get back to a comfortable weight. I’ve fussed over what to wear to work and how best to camouflage the extra weight.

Originally, the cost seemed high – but with each passing day, week, month – thinking I was doing what was necessary and seeing no change, it was THAT cost that finally became too great. There IS a money back guarantee – and honestly, I thought I’d probably be getting it back. I truly thought my body was just stuck right where it was.

Fooled me! (yay!) Barrier after barrier was broken that I did not think possible. This is an investment that pays out. Every. Single. Day. And I get to continue to use the tools for as long and as often as I want – including receiving Adam’s brilliant emails. (Sometimes I think he’s reading my mind!)”

How she felt after going through the program: “I can actually tuck in a blouse and wear a belt if I want – the options are endless! Have even taken belts to the shoe shop to get them sized down – amazing! I really never imagined I would reach this kind of success! One of the biggest surprises I discovered was the subtle change in my energy level. I had absolutely no idea that I’d been unconsciously avoiding moving more than necessary.

One day I forgot something downstairs and suddenly realized it wasn’t even a minor annoyance – it was non-existent! Wow – had no idea I’d been avoiding an extra trip downstairs! And there is absolutely hands down, nothing better than being able to joyfully go outside to play with my grandson.

I reached the 35 pound mark about 3 months ago – and I wanted to wait to write this because I’ve seen people lose a lot of weight, then you see them a 3-6 months later and they’ve gained it all back. I wanted to be sure that wasn’t going to be me. These really super smart habits are ingrained. Another thing to know is that this is not life without treats! The point is that when you do indulge it’s special and you enjoy it without guilt or regret. I couldn’t have done this without MBT. I lost the weight, feel great and most importantly know I can sustain this. (yay!)”

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My conviction and confidence in what we do is a result of how many people we’ve helped since 2007. I sincerely believe MBT is the best program out there. And it’s not just because I say it is.

It’s because of the incredible results we’ve been able to get for our clients. It’s based on what our clients have tried before MBT, and what they’re telling us. It’s because of success stories like Lynda, Tammi, Joe, Sharmin, Stephanie, Laurie, and countless others. They were seriously skeptical but saw something different in our program and gave us a chance.

That chance is all I ask for from you. I know you’ll love what we’re about. Join today!

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